quiet around here

The lack of words on recent posts (and the lack of posts themselves) reflect how the lack of words around our home.

With Terry away for training, conversations have changed from what to cook for dinner to the best way to build a tower for mini-bears.  I’m used to Terry being gone for work, but the quiet evenings alone are a whole new thing.  Terry and I settled into a routine- dinner was here for him when he got home, we snuggled, relaxed, watched a movie or an episode of whatever TV series we were enjoying. It was simple, but perfect for us.

Now I don’t have that familiar, easy routine.  I wash diapers mid-afternoon and finish the dishes immediately after dinner, so there are no chores to do after the girls go to bed.  The girls clean up their own toys, so there is simply nothing for me to do after they fall asleep.  I listlessly play on my computer, watch detective shows, check in on the girls 549 times, but the hours between their bedtime and mine always seem to drag on for days.

I had no idea that the absence of once person could make such a difference in everyday life.  I will say that I’ve done a lot fewer dishes and my laundry loads have lessened, but I’d rather do twice as much of everything and have him home :)

Now all I need to do is get a large stack of books to read to make the quiet hours go faster… any suggestions?  I’m interested in a huge variety of subjects, so any ideas would be lovely!


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