when the minutes feel like hours.

The girls keep me on my toes and running all day.  They help me cook, clean and create.  Our home is more beautiful, despite the flour that is constantly on the flour, because Ariana and Harper have become such a part of what used to be daily “mom-only” activities.  They set up their table for meals and are always more than willing to wipe up the crumbs and help get the dishes into the sink.

We have been stuck inside for most of this week, due to a nasty bout of illnesses- colds brought on ear infections and pinkeye appeared out of nowhere.  Their interest in helping around the house has waned as they rest and get well.  I have no problem taking care of all the chores while my girls relax and play, but it feels as though the days are dragging.  By the time I put the girls to bed, it seems as though this morning was days ago.  The part that I truly don’t like is that as soon as they are asleep, my second wind kicks in and I’m awake for hours.

Time alone with the girls has been both amazing and frustratingly difficult all at once.  Struggling for a routine to get us through each day has been hard on all of us- trying to let them find their own rhythm for meals, chores and play seems impossible.

In such a small living space, separating two sick children who are intent on giving each other a tough time is a challenge.  Ariana has finally begun to play quietly and alone away from Harper, but now Harper wants to spend time watching Ariana’s way of playing.  I’ve never been more grateful for Ariana’s imagination as she lines up her toys and animals as I was when she explained that Harper can’t step over the line and Harper listened!  Ariana played happily on one side while Harper ignored her on the other.  It’s the small things!


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