catching up

After some lovely time away, I’m slowly getting to read through all the blogs I adore.

I’m enjoying peace and quiet, sipping on hazelnut coffee mixed with vanilla almond milk, while the girls nap.  We’ve had a whirlwind couple of weeks, but every moment was wonderful.

After two months apart, the girls ran into Daddy’s arms….

I may have jumped into his arms as well…

I’ve never like being away from my husband, but the minute we were together again, it felt like he had barely been away.

I’m looking forward to him being done with classes next month and then we will be moving again, though we don’t know where yet. I’ll take any adventure as long as we go as a family :)


3 thoughts on “catching up

  1. I love looking at the pics. Gets me all teary and excited for you. Lol. Tell Terry to take all the classes and education and specialization they offer. My bil did that during his 7 yrs with the navy and he has a 6 figure salary job waiting for him at Boeing upon his departure next month. Milk it for everything he can. And thank you thank you for his service to our country <3


    1. I get teary-eyed at some of them too hehe ;)

      He’s definitely going to be getting some extra education/ classes under his belt while he can!

      I’ll pass on your kind words to him, I know he’ll appreciate them <3


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