why I blog

Some bloggers write to publicize their crafts, products and talents.  Others blog for attention or to make new friends.

I blog for me.
For my family.
For something to keep my hands busy.

I love to write and share, but not because I need to have a thousand readers or comments on every post.  I blog to keep my brain busy (I suppose my month hiatus means my brain checked out for a bit?  Perhaps!) and to pass the time while the girls nap or are too busy to play with Mommy.

I am not a person who pays attention to statistics often- though I do find it extremely amusing how many people end up on my blog while searching for Hello Kitty since I have a HK picture on one of my posts.  If I have one reader all month, fine.  If I have a million, fine.  I blog to blog, when and if I’m able, as often as I can come up with words that I can later look back at and say “hey!  I had forgotten that!”

Blogging is free therapy.  Why pass that up? :)


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