un·plugs; un·plugged; un·plug·ging

[+obj]: to disconnect (something, such as a lamp or television) from an electrical source or another device by removing its plug


With the excessively warm weather, I’ve kept the air conditioning on all day long lately.  I am not the biggest fan of AC, but between that and sweating like crazy, I’ll take the cool air.  The girls don’t like the AC for the simple fact that they can’t hear the birds through the open windows.  What kind of mother am I to deprive my sweet girls?

A thunderstorm passed through the other day and the temperature dropped dramatically.  As soon as the rain stopped sweeping through the window screens, I flipped the AC off and opened the windows to let the cool breeze in.  Ahhhh.  We were all thrilled.

Turning the air conditioning off was liberating.  I loved “unplugging” and getting back to the simplicity of fresh air.  Inspired, I looked around to see what else could be unplugged.  I only use my laptop a few times a day (usually to play a video of Daddy singing for the girls) so what’s the point of leaving it attached to the wall during the unused hours?

While the girls nap, I usually catch up on emails, facebook and journal time.  Instead of bringing my laptop into the bedroom, I decided to stay unplugged and instead work on the afghan I’m crocheting for Terry.

In the few days since I stopped having computer time, I got through about 10 rows of single-crocheted goodness.  This is an accomplishment for me, considering how wide the afghan is.  My goal is to complete it by Christmas, but at the rate I’m going, it may be sooner!  Hooray :)

For the time being, I’m doing my best to stay unplugged for most of the day.  We do still use the AC fan at night, since the girls’ bedroom gets so warm, but we’re doing better about how often we turn it on. Using less electricity is good for many reasons, but at the moment, my favorite reason is that I can make progress with other, more important things.  Love :)

[[And yes, that is my bed :)  It’s made of old couch cushions.  Normally, we sleep on a queen air mattress (we are saving for a really nice bed), but I was having problems with it leaking, so I decided that it wasn’t worth the effort and switched to the cushion bed.  It’s actually quite comfy!]]


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