making peace with imperfections

I am sometimes a perfectionist.  I like my house to be clean and tidy… at the very least, I want to be able to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night without tripping over stuffed animals and stubbing my toes on wooden blocks.

With two active toddlers running the house keeping me busy,  I have had to let things go.  I can’t keep everything impeccably clean, and I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that “my way” is not the only way.

So what if I was so distracted while crocheting that Terry’s afghan has a “rippled” edge?  It’s unique and homemade and has quirks.  Let’s leave it at that and call it a day :)

Maybe my closet is a disaster a bit crowded because I haven’t gotten around to figuring out a better way to organize it.

You know what makes it all okay?

Teaching my girls how to give Eskimo kisses.

Watching my big girl nap while I crochet.

Seeing my little girl copy her big sister’s favorite hobby.

No amount of cleaning or flawed afghan edges could compare to the love and fun we find every day <3


2 thoughts on “making peace with imperfections

  1. So very true! Those wonderful years fly by so fast! Savor every little bit and don’t worry about the things that aren’t worth worrying about. I love the “Eskimo kisses” picture!


    1. They do fly! It’s hard to believe that my “babies” are 2 and 3 already. Too much is missed when you don’t relax and focus on what’s most important :)


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