saying yes to life

Some days seem to crawl by, but I’ve noticed lately that the weeks and months are soaring past us.  My little girls are growing up… and so am I.  I realize that things can’t be exactly the same as they were two years ago, or even two weeks ago, so I try to embrace everything I can and capture photos of moments that made us giggle or took our breath away.

The weather has given us a reprieve and cooled down.  Having the windows open is wonderful and so good for my soul.  I no longer feel trapped inside a too-small home… I love that something as little as propping open a pane of glass can put a smile on my face :)

The girls and I are baking and exploring as we enjoy our summer.  I am doing my best to say YES to life instead of letting the days run over me like a stampeding elephant.  The focus is becoming fun and adventure rather than “how many hours until we can relax and rest?” or “what should I make for a snack?”.

Ariana and Harper have no more desire to be peeking out the windows than I do, they want to head out and play!  So to that, we ALL say “YES, life!” and away we go :)


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