finding words

I’ve sat at my desk, on the couch, in my papasan chair and at the dining room table, trying to find the right words to fill my blog posts again.  I realized that sometimes there are no words to describe a quiet month full of learning, growing, loving and just being.  Today, however, my fingers have found their voice, so to speak.

The past month (or so) has been filled with projects… from painting and glazing our dining room table to sanding, staining and re-upholstering the chairs, from sewing to scrapbooking and from cooking to baking.  We have kept ourselves busy as the weather turns cooler.

Ariana has enjoyed some new matching games that I made up for her- after mastering matching colors and numbers 1-12, I wanted to give her a little more of a challenge, so I had her match different colored shapes.  It keeps her busy for at least 30 minutes as she carefully deliberates whether the shape is a square or rectangle.

Harper’s interest in the matching games turned into seeing how many times she could fold the paper smaller. *eyeroll*  I decided to give her something slightly more to her liking and it turns out using stickers was right up her alley.  She also has worked very hard to take care of her stuffed animals.

More from us again soon, I hope :)


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