I’m sorry, neglected blog.

The past couple months have been wonderfully hectic.  As we’ve moved into our new home, downsized to what we truly need (rather than stuff that takes up space and has to be dusted- my least favorite chore!) and prepare for new baby’s arrival in April, all the ideas I’ve had for blog posts have either gathered cobwebs in my mind or been drafted only to be deleted.

I feel terrible.  The purpose of my blog is to give me a creative outlet and a break from the crazy, busy days of being a stay-at-home-mom.  Poor Terry knows that I miss it and even offered to pay me to blog as incentive to get back on my writing horse.  I suppose I’ve let mama duties take over a little too much (though is there ever “too much” time spent with my littles? I doubt it!) and not taken enough time out for me.

I hope to come back to this space more starting in January.  I have a dozen things to write and share… and what better place than the lovely blog that I pay for & that my friends are able to peruse at times? :)

I’ll end this brief apology (to a blog that can’t respond) with one of my Christmas decorations that sits in my kitchen and reminds me of what this blog used to bring me :)


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