hipstamatic photos

Have you ever used the Hipstamatic app for iPhone?

I love that thing.

I think it may be my most-used, most-adored app.

I just discovered the other day (purely by accident) that if you shake the phone, it changes up the “lens” :D

I just have the basic, free version, but apparently, you can pay to upgrade to better lens and whatnot.

Not bad for a free app, huh?  :)

^^ This is an ornament that hung on my parents’ tree for years.  Not sure whose it is/was, but it took a lot of gluing and repair to make it “hangable” again.

^^ My favorite ornament, from our first Christmas together (married, that is) in 2007.  It has been front & center on the tree the past couple years and I think it will be there from now on :)

Hipstamatic is pretty rockin’.  It makes even boring photos (like my yarn + crochet hook) really neat :D

I realize for those of you that follow me on Twitter, most of these photos have already posted to my twitter timeline.  Some things are worth a second look, right? ;) 


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