365 project in review!

I decided at the end of 2010/ beginning of 2011 that I needed to get better about using my camera. Solution: take on Project 365 (you can check out this link for a little more info) and make a little photo documentary of an entire year.

Although I was never one to share my daily/ weekly/ monthly 365 photos online (mainly because I am lazy didn’t want to fill the blog with just day-in-the-life pictures!), I decided to share a photo from each month since I began this project on January 1st, 2011.


This plate was engraved for us on our honeymoon. Every day that we lived in our apartment, I lit a candle next to it an hour before Terry came home from work. We blew the candle out together :)


Delicious, homemade chocolate-covered strawberries. The pink color is from food coloring.


My sweet little thumb-sucker! I don’t miss her having this habit since it was destroying her thumb nails.


My little family, the day before Terry left for training.


“Letters” to Daddy <3


Reunion. Love.


Homemade pound cake and strawberries. Finding love in strange places.


Rest stop in the midst of our long drive/ big move.


Hard-boiled eggs + the cutest egg cup.


Edible art, courtesy of my extremely talented husband.


Beach trip during my mom’s visit. Looks are deceiving, as it was 40 degrees and insanely windy.


Fun with Christmas lights.


2 thoughts on “365 project in review!

    1. It took me several days to go through all of my photos and choose, but it was such a great trip down memory lane! I hope you are blessed as we enter the new year as well :)


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