new year’s resolutions

Despite the fact that “New Year’s Resolutions” is the most popular blog topic at this time of year, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write about it :)

Do you make resolutions each year?  When I was younger (think: high schooler), I made silly resolutions that I never kept past January 3rd (sadly, I can’t think of any examples, so the resolutions must have been even more ridiculous than I recall!).

As I’ve grown, married and had children, it’s been easier to make and keep resolutions.  Each year brings blank calendar pages to fill, new seasons of change as the months pass.  A new year means potential for new ideas, new goals, new accomplishments.

Terry and I started a tradition a few years ago: on New Year’s Eve, we relax together on the couch and pull out our resolution list from the past year.  We read and discuss each triumph and failure, which usually leaves us in fits of laughter as we reminisce.  As the night draws to a close, we draft our resolutions for the coming year, filling ourselves with hope and joy as we look forward to another year of our life together.

Each year, I have set more realistic resolutions.  2011 was my time to focus on bettering my mind (though I think I have plenty of future years that I can use this as a resolution!) and my body (finishing my extremely long weight loss journey, which is a post for another day).  I am proud of the accomplishments I made.

As for Terry, I think his resolutions were even more realistic.  He far exceeded what he set out to do and watching him go above and beyond his original dreams causes my heart to fill with pride.  I love standing next to him, knowing what he has conquered.

Happy New Year’s!  Here’s to a year of promise, joy and fun <3 


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