making a crazy schedule work

Err, well, at least trying to make a crazy schedule work!

Terry’s work schedule the past two weeks is throwing us for a loop.  He’s on the night shift, which has messed up his sleep patterns as well as mine, Ariana’s and Harper’s.

Luckily, the man can fall asleep just about anywhere, including on the couch with a happily playing cuddle buddy.

I can’t count the number of nights I’ve been awake until midnight or even later.  The girls haven’t been much better… it seems as though I close my eyes just in time to hear the pitter-patter feet of a snuggly toddler who needs help getting her blankets on and her stuffed animals covered up.

I’m hoping that tomorrow is the end of his night shift for a while because we miss our rest and the bit of a routine we have around here.  As I type this, I’m the only one awake.  Mid-afternoon is not a normal nap time for anyone in our home.

Here’s to a weekend of sleep ahead :)


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