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I am part of a group on Facebook that focuses on healthier eating, lifestyle & exercise.  The people in there are truly inspirational as they train for marathons, shed the pounds, discover new ways to better themselves, etc.

The best part of the group is the support.  Each post, each person gets plenty of encouragement, whether the post is about an accomplishment, a failure or a question.  Is it any wonder I love being part of it?

My assumption is that weight loss is in the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions that people make each year.  Last year and the year before, my resolutions were to lose the weight that I gained over the course of my first two pregnancies (a total weight gain of 110 pounds).  There were only about 5-6 months between my pregnancies (the girls were born 14 months apart), so I didn’t have the opportunity to lose the weight I put on before the next baby was on the way.

Although I can’t do much about workouts until after baby #3 arrives, I can still offer support and encouragement to those who support me in all aspects of life.

So this is my big, shining moment, to offer my blog followers & twitter friends this bit of weight loss inspiration…


If the text on the photos is hard to read, the photo on the left is me at my heaviest, 253.3 pounds. Terry says I am hardly recognizable in the photo, but it is definitely me.  The photo on the right is 1.5 years later, 115 pounds lighter, at 136 pounds (side note: do you have any idea how hard it is to get up the courage to post this on my blog?!).

What worked for me won’t work for everyone.  It’s a process to discover what works for you, your body, your schedule.  But that doesn’t stop me from telling you what I did.  Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or professional by any means.  These are my methods and I do not recommend that you follow my plan without first talking to a doctor and determining healthy goals for yourself.

How I did it:

1. I set a goal weight for myself.  Originally, my goal was 145 pounds, but as I lost weight, I changed my goal to better fit my needs and desires.  I also set intermittent, smaller goals (i.e. 225 lbs, then 200 lbs, etc.) to help me focus on one bit of weight at a time.

2. I stopped procrastinating.  Instead of “oh, I’ll do XY&Z later”, I did it that day.  If I was planning to walk, I made it happen.  If I was planning to drink a protein shake instead of eating cake, I did it.

3.  I exercised.  I started by walking for specific amounts of time, then changed it to distance and gradually added more miles.  I eventually moved from walking to a combination walk & jog, then a jog, and finally jog/ run.  I was able to run 3.1 miles fairly easily after I got under 175 pounds.

4.  I was consistent.  I hung a picture of my skinny self on the fridge as motivation and reminded myself every day that I had a goal and I could do it.  There was no IF I lose the weight, it was WHEN.  I worked and worked and kept going, even when it was hard.

5.  I never expected perfection.  I ate cake, popcorn, cookies, etc.  I wasn’t going to deprive myself.  The key: moderation.  Instead of an entire bag of popcorn, I split it with Terry.  I stopped adding extra butter on top.  I had one cookie, not seven.  I let myself enjoy a treat here and there & I counted it as part of my calorie intake.

So there are the basics for me, from me.  That’s a good part of how I did it.  I’m sure I could write a novel on every detail of the changes I made, but this blog post is getting too long already ;)

For those of you looking to lose weight, I hope you find your inspiration soon! <3


4 thoughts on “weight loss inspiration

  1. You are an inspiration to me! It’s a never ending battle, but I am trying. Thank you! And how awesome that you had the courage to put up the pics.


    1. I have to say, it was quite difficult to post that picture. I knew how heavy I was, but most people never saw me at that weight because we lived in Alaska. I hope that I can inspire people to continue their journey :)


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