resolutions my kids should make

My focus for January seems to be resolutions and inspiration… can you blame me?  It’s a new year and all I seem to read and hear about lately is resolutions, meaning they are on my mind :)

After reading “15 New Year’s Resolutions My 2yo Should Make” at Mommy Shorts, I couldn’t help but dwell on and write the resolutions my girls should make.

Ariana’s Resolutions:

1. I will stop hiding dollhouse toys in my pillowcase in hopes that Mommy doesn’t notice before she leaves the room at night.

2. Instead of saying “I’m not hungry” after not taking a single bite of the food I insist Mommy make for me, I will try at least three bites.  I will also not try to hide food in my bib, since Mommy will notice after 2.5 seconds anyway.

3.  When someone tells me “let’s play a different/ quiet/ sit-down game”, I will listen to their suggestions rather than dramatically throwing myself on the floor or ignoring what they say.

4. The TV is not a mirror and I will stop hitting it as I pretend to clean it.

5. I will stop trying to have seven toys in the car seat with me when we get in the car for a quick ride to the store.  I will also not intentionally throw all my toys on the floor of the car and then holler that I don’t have anything to play with.

Harper’s Resolutions:

1. After touching a public bathroom floor, I will let Mommy and Daddy wash my hands rather than attempting to put them in or near my mouth.

2.  I will stop demanding to watch Cupcake Wars after being told ten times that it is not on TV at the moment.

3. Instead of following Mommy and Daddy into the bathroom and asking “what are you doing?”, I will give them a few minutes of privacy.

4.  I will stop insisting that Mommy do things for me when Daddy takes over because A. Daddy is just as capable as Mommy and B. I realize that Mommy likes to sit down for more than four seconds at a time.

5.  When I ask to have my hair done in fun ponytails and clips, I will leave it in for more than 5 minutes without touching, tugging or ripping it all out.

If your kids had resolutions, what would they be?


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