big girl bed

Watching my littles grow up is both an amazing and sad experience.  I can remember the newborn snuggles so vividly, it’s hard to believe that there are years between those moments and now.

Ariana’s months in the bassinet seemed to suddenly give way to a pack-n-play, crib & eventually a toddler bed.  I knew that her time in the toddler bed would be limited, but it was still too soon that we bought her a twin mattress and box spring.

This twin bed set (minus the mattress and box spring of course!) was my mother’s as well as mine.  Passing it down to my nearly four year old was very special to both myself and my mom.  Ariana picked sheets out of the linen closet and asked if she could have my old blue comforter as well as her pink toddler comforter.

It was hard to tuck my little girl into such a large bed, but she immediately snuggled down and slept solidly all night… an added bonus: she has even been sleeping in :)

Before I know it, Harper will have a big girl bed of her own… sigh! :)


2 thoughts on “big girl bed

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you have a blog to chronicle all those special moments in pictures and words. I wish I had done better with that. Savor every second…they fly by.


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