brand new

Hello friends!  I’ve enjoyed some time away from the computer lately… with 50-60* temperatures showing up in February and March, it’s hard to stay inside!

Ariana and Harper have enjoyed covering our driveway and garage with chalk drawings, playing with over-sized bouncy balls in the back yard, and best of all, we’ve been able to walk to the park a lot!

The sun streams in our windows most mornings and we’ve been ready to head right out for some fun.

As my pregnancy progresses, it’s been harder to get out and about for any length of time without rest.  Luckily, my princesses have been very patient with me :o)

I’ve also enjoyed doing some online shopping for baby and for some around-the-house things we’ve been wanting.  The new favorite toy is easily our Royal Berkey water filter system!

I had no idea that our Brita filter wasn’t very effective until I took my first sip of water fresh from the Berkey.  Mmm.  The girls like it because the water is room temperature when I fill their non-insulated Klean Kanteens, meaning the outside of the Kanteens aren’t cold to the touch (which was the downfall to the Brita stored in the fridge).

Oh, and I’m not a Berkey affiliate, I won’t get anything if you check it out, but I purchased our Berkey from  They had great customer service (i.e. changing my mailing address after PayPal gave them my old one!), the Berkey was shipped quickly and we are thrilled.  If you’re looking for a new water filter system, I can’t recommend this one enough!

Happy Friday, hope the weather is warm where you are :o)


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