Baby prep!

It’s hard to believe that I can count the time to baby’s arrival in not only single-digit weeks (roughly three weeks!) but also in days if I want!

Time seems to have sped up during this pregnancy.  I feel like we just confirmed the pregnancy last week when in reality, it was back in the fall.  Baby’s first kick seems like it was only last month, even though it happened months ago.  Now I have to sit with my laptop pushed near my knees since my belly is taking over the first inches that make up my lap.

Want to see something crazy?

If you can’t read the text, those pictures are from 20, 29 and 35.5 weeks- for some reason, I’m not able to get a good recent picture of my belly lately, but it is a little bigger than the 3rd picture looks!  I will admit, I’m still pretty small (which is nice!) and can still fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans and shirts.  I have a few maternity clothing items given to me by a friend, but it feels nice to know that I don’t *have* to wear them :o)

Since this pregnancy is winding down, it’s gotten to the time where I need to prepare for baby’s arrival.

Here’s my to-do list:

*Prep diapers and wipes– diapers are all washed and ready to go; wipes are being mailed to me, hopefully this week :o)

*Pack baby’s bag– diapers, wipes, onesies, socks, long-sleeved shirt, leg-warmers (much easier to change diapers than if baby is in pants!), blankets (receiving and for car), hat.  All of this is packed except for wipes!

* Pack my + Terry’s bag– extra set of clothes for Terry, two extra sets of clothing for me, nursing supplies, basic toiletries.  None of this is packed, though we’ve pulled out some things and set them on the rocking chair in the bedroom.

*Set up bassinet and rocker–  wrap bassinet mattress in receiving blanket and put bassinet sheet on (this mattress is over 40 years old since it was used for my girls + me + all my siblings, so it needs the extra softness), get bassinet set up on stand, pick blankets for back of rocker (much more comfy for night feedings than leaning on the wooden “slats”).  This is one of those to-do items that can easily be done after baby comes home, so it’s not high on my priorities.

*Wash baby clothes– everything needs to be washed, folded and put away.

*Clean out baby’s “dresser”– we got a used two-drawer plastic shelving unit this weekend that needs to be wiped and set up in our closet for baby’s clothing storage, which is currently making its home on my closet floor.

*Pack mini-bags for girls– an extra dress/ change of clothes, a few books and small toys, iPad and charger so they can watch movies (the girls may or may not be coming with us to the birthing center that I’ll be delivering at- it depends on the time of day we go up there!).

*Plan/ make freezer meals– this is partly done (i.e. I’ve picked meals and made up the shopping list), but we need a stash of meals to make the first few days/ weeks home easier.  We will have visitors to help us out, but I’d rather have some ready-to-bake/ reheat things in the chest freezer to fill in the gaps!

*Enjoy a 4-day weekend together– this is the most difficult thing on the list, surprisingly!  Terry took time off work, but we still have a few obligations on some of his days off.  The weekend together is definitely needed and much-anticipated :o)

On a totally unrelated note: Happy April Fools Day :o)


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