Another new year

My resolution this year will not be to blog daily, weekly or monthly, despite how much I miss taking the time to sit and focus on a single task without a child involved.

I can’t count the times I sat at the computer to start a blog post, only to trash it and go back to cooking, cleaning, playing or basically anything besides blogging.

After finally taking down the Christmas decorations and rearranging our house yet again, my computer has once again found a nagging home within plain view of any of our downstairs activities. This is both obnoxious and inspiring, so I decided to catch up on blog reading, check the news and somehow I found myself typing up this blog post.

I read “One Simple Sentence” from the Clean. blog that always seems to hold words I need to hear. Err, read.  I never made a resolution this year, which is new for me, but with all the hectic-ness of the holidays, I simply forgot.

Instead of a resolution, I’ll take the approach of a motto, something I can use everyday, something that might help me to live better, to feel more calm, to find peace more often… though with soon-to-be-four children + two dogs + a busy husband, I think that might be a challenge! Hopefully one I can live up to.

I’m still deciding what I’d like my sentence to be. There were plenty of great ideas in the comment section of the blog I linked, I may end up using one of those.

Maybe blogging will once again find a space in our crazy routine, maybe not.

Maybe my children will stop running their cars over my feet as I type this (doubtful).

Maybe I’ll eventually find the opportunity to drink an entire cup of coffee without having to re-warm it (I say as I sip luke-warm coffee, yet again).

And maybe I’ll get to the million projects awaiting me in my yarn basket, my sewing basket, my garage.

But for now, I’m going to sit, relax, unwind and wish that my coffee was warm :)



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