new puppy love

Sassy has been part of our family for nearly two years. She is a calm, faithful dog and puts up with a lot, given the age of our girls.


We found a companion for her to ease her separation anxiety last year, a lab named Shadow. We were devastated to find that Harper is extremely allergic to lab fur and we had to re-home him. Soon after, Sassy spent a month with my sister and her sweet dogs while we went through a crazy transition period welcoming Terry home from deployment.

When our sweet dog returned home, we knew she would be lonely without a canine companion, but decided to put off the search for another friend until our son arrived.


Apparently fate (or whatever you might call it) had other plans, and we found ourselves meeting Jersey.

Jersey is basically a bigger version of Sassy. Both are shepherd mixes, but Sassy is mixed with beagle, Jersey is mixed with foxhound or something similar.  Sassy and Jersey spent the first few days indifferent to one another. I assumed it was going to be a long-distance friendship, but they seemed to get along well enough for us to have Jersey stay.


The dogs separating themselves was a common occurrence the first few days. It varied as to who took over the giant bed and who found another spot to curl up.


And then, fate hit again. And by fate, I mean the snow arrived. Apparently, Jersey does not *do* snow. She found a tiny patch of grass to do her business on (about 1 foot x 1 foot) and that was enough for her.

If the giant dog afraid of the snow wasn’t enough of a surprise, the fact that Sassy was obsessed with playing in the snow stunned me! She ran, bounced, dug, rolled, I had to force her back in, even when the windchill hit negative temperatures!

But that cold snow meant that there were two cold dogs who both wanted to warm bed and snuggly blanket. And voila, instant love.



They now play in the yard together, cuddle on the bed, follow one another up and down stairs, it’s a total 180 from the first two days of just not caring that the other existed.



Better yet, Harper has had no allergy issues and Jersey has proven that she is just as tough as Sassy when it comes to the kids. I couldn’t ask for sweeter dogs :)


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