Dear mama

Dear mama,

You work so hard. The dishes. The laundry. The meals. Heck, successfully dressing the kids at 5:30 am should win you some sort of medal. You keep the house running and sometimes you even manage to take a shower before dinner.

Some days, things fall apart. The kids won’t stop fighting. The dog destroyed yet another back door screen. The cat scratched up the dining room table. The fish died and you have to choose between telling your kids or trying to replace it before they notice. And you just realized that you put dish washing liquid into the dishwasher instead of detergent, which is a mess you aren’t ready to deal with at 7 am.

Some days, everything is perfect! That craft the kids have been begging to do is finished and proudly displayed on the wall. There aren’t any dirty clothes on the bedroom floors. No one spilled milk in the kid’s play kitchen for you to discover three weeks later. The windows are open and there’s a beautiful breeze in the house as you snuggle the baby. You drank your entire cup of coffee without having to warm it up three times.

There is no magic formula to being a mama. Maybe you just use your good mama instincts. Or you might prefer to read inspirational stories of moms who somehow always manage to look like a million bucks. You may take advice from your “been there, done that” mom friends. Or you could use all of the above things and make parts of them work for you and your kids.

One thing is for sure though: You are freaking awesome. Keep on doing you. Turn the dryer on for a third time just so you can avoid folding clothes. Play angry birds on your phone instead of cleaning while the kids nap. Hide in your closet and eat that chocolate bar (but do it fast, the kids are probably onto you).

No matter how many times the kids screamed at you, despite the fact that you ate PB&J for dinner again (just forget the fact that you slaved over the stove for an hour making chicken alfredo, roasted potatoes and a caesar salad), regardless of the water all over the bathroom floor because the kids hate the shower curtain being shut, they love you and you love them.  At the end of the day (aka bedtime, which is a whole ‘nother story), that love is what matters.

Be amazing, just like always.

Mama on, mama.


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