fresh starts

When I originally started my blog, it was nothing more than a place to share a few photos and memories, an opportunity to have a small connection to the world outside of being a stay at home mom.

I’ve taken several long breaks from blogging but I have to admit, I always miss it. I long to spend an hour or two in the morning with a hot cup of coffee and my iPad Pro, writing eloquent blog posts, but that is not how being a SAHM works and that’s okay.

In the mornings, my older kids wake to an alarm clock that goes off at the same time as mine. We make beds, bring laundry downstairs, help the younger kids with their bedroom cleaning, eat and spend a few minutes together before I’m rushing all four kiddos into the car. If I’m lucky, I’ll have time to make coffee and pour it into a to-go mug.  If not, it’s a long morning until my 8:45 cup ;)

The younger kids love to build and create, which normally frees up my morning (I adore their independence) but I can’t just leave the clean baskets of laundry sitting in the entry hall, the dishes won’t do themselves and rumor has it my kids enjoy eating on a schedule.

Will I be blogging again full time? No, but writing this single post is a step in the right direction.


P.S. Check out this beautiful sign made for my newly-painted bedroom! A friend made this for me and it speaks to my soul.



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