One thing I’ve learned as I’ve grown is how important it is to slow down and refocus myself often. I am too easily caught up in “we need to get X, Y and Z done, go go go!!” and it ends up turning into a stressful situation. My kids don’t want to spend the entire weekend watching/ helping us clean and sort things in the house, so they now help during the week when we break our projects into more manageable pieces.

For example, this past weekend, I wanted to finish cleaning our dining room. There isn’t much in there besides the table & chairs, the kids’ craft shelf, a skinny bookshelf with a few odds and ends and a small table in the corner for a few special knick knacks. When the kids heard me talking about the weekend project, they took it upon themselves to plan a few crafts that would help to empty shelves and they reorganized the drawers to make it more manageable. Below is a craft set up by our 10 year that we all got to do together :)

Decluttering can be much more enjoyable (I know, that sounds like a bold faced lie, but I PROMISE it’s true) when you don’t turn it into a giant chore. Watching the kids not only clean but also take charge of the project was wonderful. I sat on the couch with my coffee for the 15 minutes they spent focused on “Do you need this?” “No, we can add this to the donate box”.

I really enjoy the little things so much more now that our house is a more relaxing space. It may not be perfect (now or ever!) but the journey is enough to bring us joy.

Now if only the laundry would fold itself, I’d be really happy.

xo Caroline


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