brand new

Hello friends!  I’ve enjoyed some time away from the computer lately… with 50-60* temperatures showing up in February and March, it’s hard to stay inside!

Ariana and Harper have enjoyed covering our driveway and garage with chalk drawings, playing with over-sized bouncy balls in the back yard, and best of all, we’ve been able to walk to the park a lot!

The sun streams in our windows most mornings and we’ve been ready to head right out for some fun.

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simplifying and reorganizing

To finish off January, I also wanted to finish off my posts about New Year’s resolutions.  One of the big ones for me this year is to find a smoother way to run the home since we seem to keep falling into the rut of bringing things in without making/ having space for it.  I am not someone who does well with clutter/ unnecessary things!

I used a plan thought up by Rachel (post is here) that has worked almost perfectly for us.  Within this month, we have essentially finished our entire list of projects, with the exception of our garage.  Everything that is leaving the house has been moved to the garage (or the trash) and needs to be loaded into the car for a trip to Goodwill this week.

One of the biggest fixes for me was one of the smallest things (funny how that actually works!):  I finally sat down yesterday and hemmed my living room curtains!  It took me all of 10 minutes to pin the curtains and run them through the sewing machine.  I’m obviously not a professional seamstress, but I was pretty darn thrilled at my quick fix…


And after:

Not too shabby, huh?  It was one of those small, needed fixes that made a huge difference in what my living room looks like.  I no longer cringe when I glance at the windows.

This wasn’t on my list, but because I am cheap and lazy frugal and creative,  I found these scraps given to me by my mom (these scraps are fairly old since I remember them being around when I was young!) and voila, instant curtain tie-backs.  They may not match, but I don’t mind.  At least the curtains are properly restrained ;o)

Do you have an organizing or cleaning goals/ resolutions for this year?  What are they?  Have you accomplished any yet?  I’d love to hear!  I can always use some extra inspiration :o)

I’m sorry, neglected blog.

The past couple months have been wonderfully hectic.  As we’ve moved into our new home, downsized to what we truly need (rather than stuff that takes up space and has to be dusted- my least favorite chore!) and prepare for new baby’s arrival in April, all the ideas I’ve had for blog posts have either gathered cobwebs in my mind or been drafted only to be deleted.

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saying yes to life

Some days seem to crawl by, but I’ve noticed lately that the weeks and months are soaring past us.  My little girls are growing up… and so am I.  I realize that things can’t be exactly the same as they were two years ago, or even two weeks ago, so I try to embrace everything I can and capture photos of moments that made us giggle or took our breath away.

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rain soaked father’s day

After a morning of dark clouds pouring thick drops of rain down, complete with rolling thunder and hundreds of flashes of lighting nearby, we were thrilled for the sun warming our windowsills again this afternoon.  The sweet after-rain smell is drifting in with the faint breeze through the open windows.  The girls are peeking through the screens, trying to find the birds tweeting in the trees across the street, whispering and giggling to each other.

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