taking care of business

As if life isn’t chaotic enough with my three beautiful daughters and two demanding, loveable pups, I decided I needed some adult focus.

Starting this month, I’ll be taking 6 months of classes for my Accounting Clerk Certificate to see if I can do online schooling full-time.  If it works well, I’ll be pursuing my Accounting degree and moving on from there.

And because I’m never one to shy from a challenge, I also started selling Scentsy. I was buying enough of it to supply a small village with the lovely smelling wax for a year, so it only made sense that I get the benefits for it!

If you’re interested in purchasing Scentsy, you can contact me or visit my website: https://cdoane.scentsy.us/

And because no post is complete without a photo or three…



as promised!

Here I am, nearly to Violet’s first birthday, with not a single post in between her birth announcement and now.  I’m still not sure I’ve even finished her birth story!

Typical me.

Violet has been nothing but amazing over the past 11 months. Her toothless smile lights up the room and she has everyone (especially her 5 year old sister) wrapped tightly around her finger.

She is constantly the center of attention, even when I try to shift focus to the big girls. Harper and Ariana love to dote on her, showering her with hugs, kisses and snuggles whenever they get a chance

We’re now gearing up for a 2 week vacation to visit family, followed quickly by Vi’s 1st birthday and Harper’s 4th birthday (and I realize now that Harper’s 3rd birthday was skipped in my blog hiatus, so now I’ll owe her a double post!).

And now (since Violet is taking one of her extremely rare naps in her own bed), I’ll leave with some photos.Image








New arrival!

My poor blog has taken a backseat once again, but this time for good reason!

Our sweet princess, Violet, decided to make an early arrival on April 6th, much to our surprise and delight.  I’ll post a bit of the birth story when I have the entire thing typed (which at this rate, may be close to Violet’s first birthday!), but I wanted to at least post something about the baby before her birth month has passed us by ;o)

And of course, what’s a baby announcement without a photo or two?  :o)

Baby prep!

It’s hard to believe that I can count the time to baby’s arrival in not only single-digit weeks (roughly three weeks!) but also in days if I want!

Time seems to have sped up during this pregnancy.  I feel like we just confirmed the pregnancy last week when in reality, it was back in the fall.  Baby’s first kick seems like it was only last month, even though it happened months ago.  Now I have to sit with my laptop pushed near my knees since my belly is taking over the first inches that make up my lap.

Want to see something crazy?
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brand new

Hello friends!  I’ve enjoyed some time away from the computer lately… with 50-60* temperatures showing up in February and March, it’s hard to stay inside!

Ariana and Harper have enjoyed covering our driveway and garage with chalk drawings, playing with over-sized bouncy balls in the back yard, and best of all, we’ve been able to walk to the park a lot!

The sun streams in our windows most mornings and we’ve been ready to head right out for some fun.

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