applesauce & other food stuff

One of our favorite treats around the house is homemade applesauce, which I make using a simple crockpot recipe that I adapted slightly from a friend- I also make double what the original recipe calls for (I don’t think it made nearly enough), so I’ll include the basic recipe at the end.

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brand new

Hello friends!  I’ve enjoyed some time away from the computer lately… with 50-60* temperatures showing up in February and March, it’s hard to stay inside!

Ariana and Harper have enjoyed covering our driveway and garage with chalk drawings, playing with over-sized bouncy balls in the back yard, and best of all, we’ve been able to walk to the park a lot!

The sun streams in our windows most mornings and we’ve been ready to head right out for some fun.

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baby update

I’m rounding the final bend in this pregnancy and I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed… when I think about it, it’s the same feeling as “how are my kids already 2 and 4?!”.  I’m down to the last 10 or so weeks until we are a family of 5.  The girls can’t wait to meet their baby brother or sister, who is due to arrive right around Harper’s 3rd birthday.

I’ve never really been one to take “baby bump” or “belly” photos, but I realized there are very few pictures during pregnancy- partly because I’m usually the one holding the camera, partly because I’m self-conscious about having my picture taken.  To appease some of my dear friends who’ve asked, I took a few pictures using my iPhone and decided to share them on here as well.

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Today is my birthday!  I’m celebrating 25 years young and looking forward to many lovely birthdays ahead of me.

Terry surprised me with a little sheep & bird knick-knack that I saw in the store the other day.  He was pretty sneaky & managed to buy it before we left the store without me knowing!  And of course, he found me a pink gift tag out of our large collection.  Such a sweetheart!  Oh the Meercat & Moose nicknames?  Long, silly story falling back to when we were dating in college… and they’ve never gotten old :o)

My sweet daughters have made the day enjoyable, as they do every day!  And in the spirit of my birthday, they have been a little less off-the-walls than usual.  I’ll take it.

I’m cooking homemade spaghetti sauce in the crockpot for my special birthday meal of spaghetti and sausage.  The house smells delicious.

I’m also making ricotta cheese out of the leftover whey that we have from making mozzarella cheese yesterday.  If you ever have the time/ opportunity to make (or at least try!) homemade mozzarella, it is delicious and surprisingly easy to make as long as you are patient.  The ricotta is even easier, as you simply warm the whey, let it sit and scoop the curds out.  Yummy!  I’ll be posting actual recipes for our cheeses later (as long as I remember!).

I am excited for this afternoon, when the girls will help me make a whole wheat chocolate cake and maple buttercream icing!  I can’t wait for Terry to get home to share it with us.

Thanks for reading and sharing my birthday with me :o)